Play Grounds Cafe’s soft opening is under way and we are thrilled with the feedback!

There have been many inquires regarding our services, pricing and, our soon to come, birthday packages. We are close to releasing information for our parties and event room rentals; however, it is difficult to respond in full detail to each inquiry so we will be posting on our website and Facebook page as soon as the packages are complete. In the meantime, we would like to introduce some exciting additions to the Play Grounds family that will be staffing our fuss free birthday parties.

Lindsay, who you may recognize from coaching at the gymnastics club, completed the Early Childhood Education program in May 2015 at CNC. Her strengths with young children include being exceptionally compatible, developing positive rapport with the children and their families, and being genuine and caring to all those she encounters. Lindsay is very excited to meet and grow with the families at Play Grounds Cafe.

Kathy is a well known Early Childhood Educator. She has been working with young children and their families in the Prince George community since 1996. Kathy’s belief is that children are continually learning through their play. To help families provide a play-based birthday for their children, and share in each child’s most important day is an exciting new opportunity for Kathy. Her excellent reputation in the community is one of education through play and engagement.

We look forward to releasing more information soon.

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