By using our Play space you agree to our Terms and Conditions

Playspace Rules:

  1. All guardians must read and sign the Play Grounds Café waiver.
  2. NO shoes.
  3. Parent or guardian must stay on premises at all times.
  4. Main play area is designated for children ages 6 and under only.
  5. Guardian with children under the age of 3 must remain in play space.
  6. NO sick children please.
  7. Sanitize hands prior to entering the play space.
  8. Wash hands after bathroom visits.
  9. Diapers must be changed at changing station or in bathrooms only.
  10. Strollers must be parked in designated area.
  11. Food must be kept on the designated tables.
  12. NO outside food.
  13. Nuts and peanut products are prohibited in play space.
  14. Please tidy up after yourself and your child/children.
  15. Please report any spills to our staff.
  16. Play nice – rough play is not permitted.
  17. Please share – the toys are for everyone’s use.
  18. All toys that have been in a child’s mouth are to be placed in the dirty toy bin.
  19. NO outside toys please.
  20. NO unreserved celebrations or party foods and decor in the play space.
  21. Play Grounds Café is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  22. Adult guests in play space must be accompanied by a child.
  23. Our staff reserve the right to remove a child/children from a situation or area at any given time.
  24. Play Grounds Café reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that does not abide by our rules.
  25. Play Grounds Café will not be responsible or be liable for injuries resulting from rough play, poor behaviour or inappropriate use of toys and equipment.
  26. Have fun and relax!